Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Art Stuff Sale

Good day to you guys~~

I want to start selling my pinbadges that I never had the chance to sell for international buyers~

Basically each non set badge is $4, but buy 3 pieces for $10, unless given a different set of price.

Add $5 for shipping worldwide~

I deal via Paypal~

So, whatever is in the picture is what I have in stock right now.

If you want to, you can negotiate the price, I'm just clearing these guys out~

Avengers: Mission Get Sexy set
$20 each set

Avengers: Mission Get Sexy single badges
$4 each, buy 3 for $10

Chibi Star Trek badges
$4 each, $10 for set of 3

Shingeki No Kyojin: Reiner and Bertholdt
$4 each, buy the set of 2 for $6

Chibi Sengoku Basara: Yukimura and Masamune
$4 each, buy set of 2 for $6

Chibi Tony and Mk 42
$4 each

Contact me straight to my email at if you are interested~

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shiro's Junks Sale

Hiya, I want to sell some stuff from my collection of stuff.

These are the stuff and the prices. Click on the pics for better view.

Otodama SOLD

Airmail Shipping $5 for each book

Chocobo Plush Keychain SOLD
Cactura Plush Keychain SOLD
Sora Mascot Strap SOLD

Airmail Shipping $5 for each

Also a special sale

Chibimoon Heart Compact $60 (+$40 Express shipping) SOLD

Item is mint
Batteries were replaced and sound is perfect
Chain is original
Just no box.

For this one I won't risk airmail.

All payments are made through Paypal.

Any inquiries or interested to buy, drop an email to

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sailor Moon Star Locket SOLD

Yeah, its sold.

Thanks for the offers though and good luck!

Original Sailor Moon star locket. 1992, Bandai Hong Kong/Asia version

Fully working music box, though turn key is rusty.

Chain is not original, because I bought it from someone and there were no chains.

Paint has slight chips but not totally visible as it is still shiny.

Feel free to ask anything about this locket~

Friday, May 27, 2011

NeKommissions Reopening!

Good news is, I'm open for commissions.

Bad news is, no color commissions, because I am now an intern. So it equals real work.

Oh, pencil rendering and ink rendering are more or less the same, that's why the price is the same, because pencils is not a rough sketch, just that which type of rendering you prefer, dramatic inking or pencils with a more softer rendering.

Terms and conditions for all the above:
1 - 1 - 3 max characters, additional character add $3
2 - Simple background add $2

Regarding Chibis:
1 - Only available for Pencils and Ink with rendering, HOWEVER, it's only $5.
2 - 1-10 max characters, additional character add $1
3 - Simple Background add $2

How to commission?
1 - Send an email to
2 - Include in email the following:
Name and deviantART nickname
Commission Type
Commission Description (character references, details etc)
Paypal email (so I can check who's whose who)
3 - You can pay when work is completed or pay a deposit first or pay full.
4 - All payments are via Paypal only, Malaysians should inquire first hand.

Other notes:
For Pencils and Ink with Rendering, you can have the original signed artwork sent to you, just add $3 for international shipping, for Malaysians it's FREE and while stocks last you'll also get a free mystery gift done by me~

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Haz A Doll

Lol, though I already had her a long time ago, but she's finally ready to take her first few photos.

Introducing, Freya!

She's an Obitsu doll (White/Pale skin, S size Bust). Including her head height (Head 01 Rooted white hair), she's only 27cm tall.

Face-up done by me.

This photo was taken before I actually add some gloss to her lips and eyes, but won't make any different anyways.

I bought her body without the head last year, and when I had access to online shopping, I finally bought a head. It took me months to pick the right head, whether to choose a head that can mount glass eyes and wig, or buy a rooted head but can't place glass eyes etc.

So I decided to buy the latter due to budget restriction.

But I had fun experimenting with her face, applying some ball jointed dolls face up tutorials I picked up in the internet.

She's wearing a Licca doll clothing I found lying around in a toy wholesale.
Temporary she's wearing that, and probably change around with Barbie doll clothes I bought, until I can find some time to sew her new clothing. She can fit in Barbie clothes, but it seems that Barbie sure has big boobs. Well, at least Freya can also fit into Barbie's shoes, LOL.

And you know what's more fun? Did you know about Re-Ment miniature food sculptures? Yup, she can play with them. I even bought a replica of Devil May Cry's Dante's sword Rebellion, slightly smaller, but still looks good on her. So basically you can buy so many accessories for the doll that are from other brands or just random stuff you found that are small sized.

I made that sofa way back as an assignment, though smaller, didn't think it looked well with her.

Okays, some of you may be wondering, why didn't I buy a large and pretty ball jointed dolls, like most people do. Why? Well, not that I hate them, I love them, but it's because of a few factors;

1- Doll Size, the ones I want are HUGE, and I don't like that, scary is one thing, But any toy bigger than 12'' is a no to me.
2 - Space to put, My room is dusty and is currently packed with stuff, so I don't have space to put the doll.
3 - Money, not that I can't afford it, but you will start investing more and more to your doll coz one clothing set will be boring after a couple of days. It's a commitment for that matter. Unless yer filthy rich.
4 - It's hard to find a doll that is 'different'. Yeah, I know, different sculptors, different head designs, but look, all the heads that are sculpted are heading to one thing, to look pretty, especially the boys, it gets boring after you've seen so many lines of doll makers doing the same thing. I don't want a pretty boy doll, I want a handsome man doll. Handsome MACHO guy doll. And dolls like that are pretty rare.
5 - My mom will kill me. Besides the money spent, my mom is going to skin me alive for bringing a doll looked so alive and is so huge into my room as if I am worshiping it.

So far I haven't found any guy head sculpt that is as I imagined. I probably my have to sculpt one myself.

Anywho, yeah, back to Freya. The only thing I haven't finish with her is her hair. I haven't style it yet, gonna wait till I buy a wig spray and then sew her clothes.

I guess that's all I wanna update here.

See ya in the next event!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here's s h i r o, reporting the aftermath of the recent ACG event, TEH COMIS FIESTA 09~

Well, for cosplay pictures, I suggest you guys find other blogs wif better photos, our cameras kinda sucked, so the pics aren't very nice.

Here's a photo of our (not so grand) start of MoMo at the booth.

Not much stuff were made, due to time constraint and lack of helping hands, but we did have fun at the event. It seems that I may need to focus more on prints next time, everything was sold out! And I had to reprint for the second day, which are sold out as well! LOLz, same with the stickers and A4 marker prints. Neko Hats got some competition but on the second day, I manage to sell it all out. However the letdown was the notebooks, luckily I didn't make a lot of them and the cost were covered by the art commissions, phew.

I'm quite surprised that we seem to have a l0t of hidden Kamen Rider fans/tards. The moment they saw the chibi cards, all those pent up Kamen Rider spirit just burst out including myself as well, LOLz.

The only thing I notice that, almost 80% of the stuff sold during the event were all Hetalia stuff and stuff that are targeted for the female fans, and I'm not much of a Hetalia fan unfortunately, same as the other otakus. It was kinda saddening that there's not much variety of products that appeals for both female and male fans like it used to be years back like Soul Eater, D-Gray Man, Haruhi etc. From prints to pinbadges, too much Hetalia stuff, I pity the non fans.

Other than that, cosplays are not as awesome as last year, but we do have an almost complete set of Dissidia characters. I didn't cosplay Kamen Rider Decade, coz at the last minute, even though the costume is finished, I decided not to cosplay coz one; the color is WAY OFF~ it was supposed to be pink but it look like orange-ish red, two; the helmet eyes came off and I couldn't put it back on coz out of tape and glue, and three; I was lazy.

Overall, not much upgrades for the event, but I do like the stage location were we are not blocked by a sponsor's gigantic booth. But all fun, lotsa people which is good for business and lotsa space to let yer inner crazy person out.

Now, to wait for next year!

For now, MoMo will try to attend any nearest 2010 events.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MoMo~ At The COMIC FIESTA 2009


Us peaches will be at some would say THE event in Malaysia,

Comic Fiesta 2009
Date: 19-20 December 2009
Venue: Sunway Pyramid

Check out our previews!

I, shiroi_neko will be cosplaying as Kamen Rider Decade!
Do check it out as well, nyannn~~