Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Art Stuff Sale

Good day to you guys~~

I want to start selling my pinbadges that I never had the chance to sell for international buyers~

Basically each non set badge is $4, but buy 3 pieces for $10, unless given a different set of price.

Add $5 for shipping worldwide~

I deal via Paypal~

So, whatever is in the picture is what I have in stock right now.

If you want to, you can negotiate the price, I'm just clearing these guys out~

Avengers: Mission Get Sexy set
$20 each set

Avengers: Mission Get Sexy single badges
$4 each, buy 3 for $10

Chibi Star Trek badges
$4 each, $10 for set of 3

Shingeki No Kyojin: Reiner and Bertholdt
$4 each, buy the set of 2 for $6

Chibi Sengoku Basara: Yukimura and Masamune
$4 each, buy set of 2 for $6

Chibi Tony and Mk 42
$4 each

Contact me straight to my email at if you are interested~

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